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Photo: Council on Foreign Relations

Photo: Council on Foreign Relations

For the first time in our history there are more than 70 million people fleeing conflict and oppression worldwide; that is, men, women and children no longer safe living in their own homes.

The people we help at Donate4Refugees are the innocent victims of war, political upheaval and sometimes natural disaster, and it’s vital we keep supporting them.

Photo: Samos island, Greece, February 2019 Donate4Refugees

Photo: Samos island, Greece, February 2019 Donate4Refugees

Typically people coming to Europe, in search of peace and a new start, have poor access to shelter, clothes, food, education, mental health, human rights and more.

And that’s where our network of inspiring grassroots volunteers comes in. Many of those we help are stuck in situations far beyond their control unable to move on with their lives and powerless to escape from the extreme poverty of Refugee Camps, squats or homelessness.

Photo: Golden Chopsticks Awards, April 2019

Photo: Golden Chopsticks Awards, April 2019

Donate4Refugees is run entirely by unpaid volunteers meaning your donations go straight to helping those who need it most.

We’re pledging our help and support to people who’ve become refugees, and we need your support.

Keep reading to find out what YOU can do to make a positive impact on people lost in Europe with nowhere to call home. Help us help them in any way you can because… Kindness is Golden.

It’s a great cause, and here’s how you can help


your HARD-EARNED money

April 2019 - Malakasa Refugee Camp

April 2019 - Malakasa Refugee Camp

Only with your donations can we continue providing grants and emergency funding to critical on-the-ground projects dedicated to improving living conditions, mental health and human rights for refugees in Europe’s hot-spots.

No donation too small (or too large!).

other ways to get involved

However, we also understand how many demands there are on our money, so here are three other ways you can make a difference beyond cash. To note that these are with our trusted partners rather than directly with us, so please contact them on the links given for more info.




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