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Taking immediate action

Our vision is that refugees in Europe get the helping hand they need to rebuild their lives

For many of the 17% of the world's displaced people - those escaping war, persecution or natural disaster, now hoping to rebuild their lives in Europe - life is far from dignified or humane.


We've witnessed people of all ages surviving on the streets, or in fields or forests. In France we've seen their blankets, sleeping bags and tents destroyed; people and belongings tear gassed and pepper-sprayed indiscriminately by police.

Calais, France (Oct 2017)
Dunkirk, France (Sep 2017)
Vial Camp, Chios (Oct 2017)
Moria Camp, Lesvos (Oct 2017)

In Greece, we see families in official camps with no access to running water, toilets or showers. We've seen countless people with only the clothes on their backs and the old, broken shoes on their feet. We've seen the disabled without a wheelchair, families without electricity, children without food, babies without nappies.

The Volunteer Movement

Feeling deeply ashamed of Europe's official response to this crisis, ordinary people from all walks of life have mobilised to help fill the humanitarian void. Fueled only by their passion to help others, volunteers either individually or in groups are achieving a lot with a little. Day-in-day-out they stand #WithRefugees and make a difference to people's lives.

Clothes distribution in Lesvos
A chance to relax, Greece

Why give to Donate4Refugees?

Donate4Refugees is a trusted and transparent way for you to do your bit to help refugees simply by donating money.


In our hectic world you may well struggle to give your time, so a great alternative is to spare a few pounds or start a fundraiser. We uniquely support lots of volunteers each working hard to make a difference to refugee lives. And money is critical to all of them.


It's the difference between being able to buy one more blanket, feed one more family, get an expectant mum to hospital in time. Or not. Money can make the difference between life and death.

Updated: 13 October 2017

Donate4Refugees work tirelessly and always seem able to help. In these testing times it's a real relief to have an organisation such as this around to help out. Huge thanks.

Nicky, volunteer with CalAid

Refugees are ordinary people, like you and I

"I would like to say thank you very much for helping us when we had the baby. My wife and I ran away from war, from death, from terror. We are now determined to raise our child well, complete our education, and see a fragment of the life we would have had in Syria."


"The volunteers interact very kindly with us. They don't treat us like refugees they treat us as if we are members of their own family. This is something that gives us a lot of ease and comfort after everything we have been through."


"Greece is part of my life now. I want to say thanks to all my awesome friends who support me here. I want to say that difficult moments introduced us to each other. My story is to be continued..."

~ Abdulazez

"We were very normal people living normal lives until the war came and demolished every beautiful image in Syria. We Syrians who refused to become part of the civil war have now somehow become a crisis ourselves."



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"We were hoping to find safety and protection in Europe, but everything is the opposite" After spending a night outside the gates of Moria in protest, around 100 Afghans arrived in Sapfous Square, My...


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Over 40 solidarity groups and organisations, including Donate4Refugees, are calling for urgent action from the Greek local and national authorities to prevent more refugees from dying in the cold as winter sets in once again. #OpenTheIslands
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As winter approaches we join over 40 solidarity groups in calling on Greece to #opentheislands and cancel the EU-Turkey deal. For joint statement, demands, and signatories see: opentheislands...

Over 40 solidarity groups and organisations, including Donate4Refugees, are calling for urgent action from the Greek local and national authorities to prevent more refugees from dying in the cold as winter sets in once again. #OpenTheIslands

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