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Refugee Support at Camp Fillippiada, Greece

We get aid to vulnerable refugees in Europe's hot-spots by funding projects delivered with dignity by our grassroots volunteers.

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Investigo Cycle Challenge 2017

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Photo: Donald Michael Chambers. House of Humanity, Lesvos

Together we fill the gaps left by governments and large NGOs to feed, clothe and shelter refugees and give friendship and hope.

Your donations help make these projects happen

Refugee Women's Drop-In Centre, London

"We can't thank Donate4Refugees enough for stepping in to keep running our crucial drop-in for isolated women refugees to make friends, learn english and other skills and to experience solidarity. We feel privileged to have such an attentive and enthusiastic backer."

Aid Distribution Warehouse, Lesbos, Greece

"Omar works tirelessly to provide the Refugee 4 Refugees Warehouse. It opened in December and has helped an average of 200 people every day. Refugees help as volunteers to keep up with demand. The need for winter clothing and supplies like sleeping bags is huge."

#Boots1000 - Winter Boots for Refugees, France

"This week we distributed brand new waterproof walking boots to refugees in Calais and Brussels thanks to #Boots1000. In this terrible weather the need is greater than ever." 

#Boots1000 ran from October - December 2017 as a collaboration of 20+ grassroots groups working together.

To help lovely people like these...

Portraits by Donald Michael Chambers, September 2017


"I have not seen my children in two years. Anyone would go crazy after a few weeks. Two years. We are human too. We feel too."

Waleed from Syria


Infinity was a student. He left after losing his entire family to the Syrian civil war. He gave himself this name after escaping with his life.


Else and her children are in Greece alone. The children's father, and three of his four brothers, were tortured and killed when the youngest child was only three months' old. It has been far from an easy journey to get here, with little help along the way.

* Names/story real, but not for this picture to protect the women and children


Abdulah was an oil rig worker and part-time plasterer in his home of Iraq before being forced to leave. 


Now stuck on Chios he dreams of becoming a model.


Subhi has sought refuge in Greece for a year and four months. Every day for the last six months he has prepared meals at the Chios People's Kitchen that are then distributed to refugee children at various centres. The number varies. These days it's 60 kids, some of whom are unaccompanied.


When the war started Subhi was in his third year of law school in Syria.

Europe's Refugee Crisis

Must-watch about unaccompanied minors in Athens.

"Respect for these boys. Big respect. They have difficult stories. Whether they have been abused or not, they have difficult stories. He has been through all this wars, through all this situation. Patience? Patience to what? Wait for a shelter? To wait to live normal? No comment." Social Worker, Athens. 

Running time : 7 minutes 

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