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At Donate4Refugees we raise money to help displaced men, women and children survive in Europe.

We do this by uniquely connecting your donations with trusted small and effective volunteer organisations working at the front line of refugee aid across Europe. Doing immense good in incredibly tough conditions, your funding means our volunteers can respond to ever-changing needs quickly and efficiently. Aid is distributed with dignity and respect, person to person, human to human.

Join us today and be #TogetherforHumanity.

Here’s what you can do to help

Rather than feeling over-whelmed, we offer simple ways for you to help make a real difference.



Regularly or one-off, personal or business. Money remains one of the most effective ways to give real help.



Short-term or long-term, if you’re a hard-worker with some spare time and a warm smile, volunteer today.


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I have just returned from Calais where I saw human tragedy up close. It brought reality into sharp focus… People fleeing war and persecution are being denied even the most basic human rights just beyond our border.

Sarah Jones, MP for Croydon Central, October 2018


Small volunteer organisations working at the front line of refugee aid

Who are refugees?

Portraits by donald michael chambers, september 2017

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When the war started I was in my third year of medical school. I was forced to leave and have sought refuge in Greece for a year and four months. Every day for the past six months I have prepared meals for refugee children at various centres.
— Subhi, Syrian Refugee
I have not seen my children in two years. Anyone would go crazy after a few weeks. Two years. We are human too. We feel too.
— Waleed, Syrian Refugee
I was a student in Syria. I left after losing my entire family to the Syrian Civil War. I gave myself the name Infinity, it is tattooed on my neck. There forever. A reminder of my personal strength for escaping with my life.
— Infinity, Syrian Refugee
We came here in peace. We came seeking safety. We came seeking the treatment of being human. We don’t mean any harm. We want to share with this lovely people who received us very warmly, our culture and our friendship. We came in peace and to live in peace. Thank you.”
— Mohammed, Syrian Refugee, October 2018

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