We’re working to alleviate the hardships refugee children, women and men are facing every day here in Europe. Our vital humanitarian aid and support fills gaps left by governments and larger aid agencies and is offered person-to-person, with dignity and in friendship, by our inspiring network of independent volunteer groups on-the-ground.

We’re registered charity number 1168435. Trust us to make your donation count.

Read on to find out how YOU can make a difference.


YOU can make a difference. Here’s how…


make a donation


Join our Delightful Doners making regular or one-off donations to make a real difference to people in need.

If making a donation is for you, click the “donate” button today!



Join our Fabulous Fundraisers making selfless commitments to train for sporting challenges,donate their birthdays, work with others on bake sales or raffles, and much more.

If fundraising is for you, click the “fundraise” button to learn more today!


Join our Venturesome Volunteers by giving your time, and self-funding your trip, to help refugees person-to-person here in the UK or across Europe.

If volunteering could be for you, click the “volunteer” button to learn more!

shop for good

Join our Shameless Shoppers by browsing this unique online store full of amazing cards and stuff for sale in aid of refugees by everyone in our network, and beyond.

If shopping is for you, click the “shop” button to start browsing our fabulous range today!


go to an event

Join our Enthused Event-goers and show your support and solidarity with Refugees at everything from a coffee morning, to the theatre, to a clubbing night, and more.

If events are what you love, click the “events” button to find out what’s coming soon to a venue near you!


DONATE items - PRE-LOVED or new

Join our Dedicated Doners of pre-loved and new things by finding out what’s needed and dropping donations off with your local refugee group.

If donating things is for you, click the “pre-loved” button to find out what’s currently needed and where you can drop it off.

petition for change


Join our Passionate Petitioners to add your voice to campaigns for justice. Signing and sharing can change someone’s life, even save a life.

If signing petitions is for you, click the “petition” button to see what injustices are happening today.



Give the ultimate support to a homeless asylum seeker or refugee in the UK by inviting them into your home.

Refugees at Home is an independent UK charity connecting spare rooms to those in need. We love them and fully support what they do.

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