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We help refugees

We are ordinary people who help refugees, like Zainah, by raising money for the essential needs of life: food, water, shelter, clothing and education. And, for as long as this crisis continues, we'll be there. Join us.

How we help refugees

We save lives

urgent help refugees

We buy the essential needs of life: food, water, shelter, clothes and shoes.

We give hope

information and printing services

We provide education, information, translation and legal advice.

We preserve dignity

help refugees

Our volunteers distribute aid respectfully and with dignity.

Refugees are ordinary people too

"I would like to say thank you very much for helping us when we had the baby. My wife and I ran away from war, from death, from terror. We are now determined to raise our child well, complete our education, and see a fragment of the life we would have had in Syria."


"The volunteers interact very kindly with us. They don't treat us like refugees they treat us as if we are members of their own family. This is something that gives us a lot of ease and comfort after everything we have been through."


"Greece is part of my life now. I want to say thanks to all my awesome friends who support me here. I want to say that difficult moments introduced us to each other. My story is to be continued..."

~ Abdulazez

"We were very normal people living normal lives until the war came and demolished every beautiful image in Syria. We Syrians who refused to become part of the civil war have now somehow become a crisis ourselves."


Where we help refugees


63,000 refugees [unhcr]

help refugees
Chios, May 2017

Volunteers from the UK and across the world are providing many of the services necessary for refugees to survive in Greece. 


7,000 refugees [unhcr]

help refugees
Obranovich, February 2017 [Photo: BIRN]

Volunteers, BelgrAid, are providing central coordination of efforts in Serbia where volunteers focus on essential food and clothes distributions to refugees.


estimate 3,000 refugees

emergency packs
Dunkirk, April 2017

Volunteers are providing all of the services necessary for refugees to survive in northern France against a backdrop of police brutality.


Donate4Refugees shared Side by Side : Humanitarian Aid to Refugees's post.

A lovely thank you from Utopia56 in Paris letting YOU know that YOUR donations really do make a difference.

Join us by making a donation today to show refugees - human beings just like all of us - that you support them in their hour of need.

On 8th June a team from Coupa Software came together as volunteers for a day to pack these Emergency Backpacks (which they also funded) for refugees living in incomprehensible conditions in northern France and Paris.

It was Liz Morgan of Side by Side : Humanitarian Aid to Refugees and Siobhan Burleigh of HERTS FOR REFUGEES working together who made it all happen. And there are others to thank too (they know who they are <3).
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We are proud to have been part of this initiative from Amber and Donate4Refugees, to join with Herts for Refugees, and support Utopia56 in Paris ! Merçi Adri Ana ! #donate4refugees #hertsforrefugee...

Donate4Refugees shared Solidarithé's post — in Paris, France.

Eid Mubarak! Great work from the awesome team at Solidarithé
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Eid Mubarak! We want to take a moment to wish all our friends a happy Eid. Although many of the people living on the streets of Paris may not have their friends or family with them, it’s a still ...

Eid Mubarak! Great work from the awesome team at Solidarithé

help refugees

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