We help people living in appalling conditions in refugee camps and on the streets of Europe because no one should have to live without basic human needs like shelter, food, sanitation or human rights.

Filmed 28 March 2019 for Kam Yana Kan, a brilliant evening of storytelling from around the world hosted by Andy Copps (Andy Copps Storytelling). Location: Thenga Cafe in Kings Cross. Filmed by Mahmut Yildirim

Working closely with other inspiring like-minded individuals and small volunteer groups on-the-ground in Greece, France and beyond, together we’re filling the gaps in humanitarian aid for people in desperate need. Together we’re keeping people and hope alive.

Donate4Refugees is registered charity number 1168435. And, because our small team comprises only unpaid volunteers, when you donate, your money is spent getting aid to those who need it when they need it. No red tape, no bureaucracy.

Effective ways YOU can help

We understand that life is busy, and there are many demands on our time and money. So here are a few small ways you can make a big difference to help refugees.

  1. donating online


Financial donations don’t need to be large - just 60p buys a pair of socks to keep someone’s feet warm. And it only takes minutes.

To make a donation, simply click the “donate” button.


2. fundraising fun

Fundraising can be really good fun! Whatever you enjoy, whether it’s running or cycling, hosting a bake sale in the office, or organising a Quiz Night. Fundraising raises awareness as well as lots of money!

For inspiration, click the “fundraise” button and learn more.

3. volunteering time

Nearly all of our on-the-ground partners need volunteers. Volunteers are self-funded, need to have a minimum of 2-3 weeks to give, and have an open heart and a great work ethic!

If volunteering could be for you, click the “volunteer” button to learn more.

4. patron investor


Our Donate4Refugees’ Patrons help to raise vital funds and awareness about our work and inspire and motivate others to get involved. 

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Patrol, click on the Patrons button now.

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