We meet the critical daily needs of refugee men, women and children in Europe. We provide extra layers to people left cold, shelter to people left homeless, food for people left hungry, and much more. We care passionately about helping and, together with our trusted grassroots partners, we use your donations to give humanitarian aid with dignity and in friendship, person-to-person, human-to-human.

Donate4Refugees has been registered with the charity commission for England and Wales number 1168435 since June 2016.

We are all volunteers so that your donations, and Gift Aid where added, are spent on aid.

We support spending donations in refugee hosting communities because it’s often more cost effective, it’s better environmentally and it supports local businesses and communities which builds important goodwill.

How YOU can make a difference



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Support our important work with a regular or one-off monetary donation, or by fundraising.

Donating money remains the most flexible and impactful way of supporting in a crisis. We can allocate money where it’s most needed, buy exactly what recipients needs and there are no storage, sorting or transportation costs for the aid.



Support the work of our inspiring on-the-ground partners by volunteering in the UK or Europe.

There are many ways you can make a difference to lives when you volunteer with lots of different skills needed.

shop for good

Support our network by buying from this unique collection of items from our collaborative Shop for Good.

Proceeds from sales go towards helping refugees across Europe.


go to a fundraising event

Support Donate4Refugees and our partners at various events throughout the year and across the UK.

Click on the link to see if there are any upcoming events near you!



Support the dedicated work of UK-based regional volunteer groups receiving, sorting and sending on your pre-loved items to where they’re needed.

Check local lists before donating and only give pre-loved items that are clean and in great condition.

petition for change


Support those campaigning for justice for refugees by signing and sharing petitions.

Adding your voice makes change happen and we must keep the pressure up on many issues.



Give the ultimate support to a homeless asylum seeker or refugee in the UK by inviting them into your home.

Refugees at Home is an independent UK charity connecting spare rooms to those in need. We love them and fully support what they do.

Who are refugees?

Portraits by donald michael chambers, september 2017

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When the war started I was in my third year of medical school. I was forced to leave and have sought refuge in Greece for a year and four months. Every day for the past six months I have prepared meals for refugee children at various centres.
— Subhi, Syrian Refugee
I have not seen my children in two years. Anyone would go crazy after a few weeks. Two years. We are human too. We feel too.
— Waleed, Syrian Refugee
I was a student in Syria. I left after losing my entire family to the Syrian Civil War. I gave myself the name Infinity, it is tattooed on my neck. There forever. A reminder of my personal strength for escaping with my life.
— Infinity, Syrian Refugee

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