We uniquely raise money to give grants and emergency funds to trusted and inspiring grassroots volunteers who are on-the-ground helping refugees across Europe. Together we fill the gaps in critical humanitarian aid to society’s most vulnerable men, women and children. Together we are keeping people and hope alive.

Video (30 seconds) Paris streets, December 2018. Video credit: Paris Refugee Ground Support

Working closely with other grassroots groups and individuals, and supported by like-minded people like you making donations, together we are filling a humanitarian void left by our hostile European governments and the mostly absent large aid agencies. Since the height of Europe’s Refugee Crisis in 2015 we’ve watched Europe’s official response play increasingly on fear and racism, spurned on by sensationalist tabloid press. More recently, the crisis has all but gone from our news and you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s over. But it’s not over. Conditions are worse than we could have thought possible in Europe. We’re devastated to see borders close, legal routes to safety blocked, increasingly inhumane and over-crowded camp conditions, rising police brutality, criminalisation of human rights work, sea rescue operations shut down, increased people trafficking, and more.

We’re ashamed and devastated by the UK and Europe’s official response to this crisis. And we feel passionately that we must help people in need because everyone is equally deserving of the chance to live in peace and safety in our shared world. Thankfully hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions, of everyday people agree, and many have stepped in and stepped up in what’s been called the greatest grassroots movement of our time. Raising funds, volunteering, collecting aid and driving donations across the continent. Inspiring people are doing what they can to provide humanity and dignity. Meeting daily needs person-to-person, human-to-human.

Video (60 seconds) : Donate4Refugees on-the-ground with Refugee Biriyani and Bananas distributing women’s clothes to residents of Vial Refugee Camp, Chios - November 2018

At Donate4Refugees we live our values of being Trusted, Connected and Effective to make it easy for you to do your part and help Europe’s refugees really effectively and in a way that suits you best. We work with lots of brilliant partners so that together we can achieve more.

Thanks to your belief, trust and support for our work, hungry people have been fed, cold people have been given an extra layer of warmth, vulnerable people have been given a roof over their heads and much much more. Since 2016 we’ve been making sure urgent aid has reached those who needed it, when they needed it.

Together we’ve helped 10,000’s men, women and children survive the most desperate conditions to find hope again. And, with your help, we will keep doing this vital work for as long as it’s needed.

Join us on the right side of history today. Donate, share, like, sign up to our mailing list, contact us.

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Amber - Founder & CEO

Amber - Founder & CEO







AND our BRILLIANT ambassadors

trish clowes, composer and saxophonist

Donate4Refugees is all about supporting grassroots charity work across Europe, getting funds and resources quickly to those that need it. The love and care that goes into this operation is so inspiring and it is an honour to be an Ambassador for them.
— Trish

Enter Shikari, alternative rock band

Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari

It is tragic, baffling and upsetting that we live in a world where whole communities are displaced, running in fear of death. And, having escaped such horrors, find the rest of the world unwilling to help. Donate4Refugees are the sympathetic and caring, smiling faces ready to help fellow humans. They are the kind of people who give us hope in humanity.
— Rob, Rou, Chris & Rory

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure every displaced man, women and child asking for Europe’s help is provided with the support they need to get back on their feet with dignity. That is to have a place to live, enough food to eat, clothes to wear, warmth, lighting and hygiene. Along with access to essential information, an appropriate education and support back to independence. We primarily do this by raising money from individuals and businesses to fund inspired humanitarian projects scoped and delivered by our official volunteer partners on-the-ground in Europe’s refugee hot-spots and here in the UK. And we petition for political change appropriately. We work #TogetherforHumanity to keep people and hope alive.

Our Values







Our achievements

  • In 2017 we helped an estimated 24,000 refugee men, women and children.

  • By funding 92 grassroots projects.

  • Giving grants to 32 grassroots volunteer individuals and groups.

  • To provide clothes for those with few, (42%), food for the hungry (19%), and shelter and warmth (10%).

  • And we were at the centre of two very successful collaborative projects - Boots1000 and Love4Lesvos.

  • Our founder, Amber Bauer, was a Finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year 2017

  • We are an Official Partner Charity for Charity Week