Another eviction - Dunkirk, France

Guest blog from Mobile Refugee Support


At 7am this morning over 500 police beset upon the small town of Grande-Synthe just outside Dunkirk. Within an hour they had surrounded the large patch of woodland in which over 1000 people have been living.

This much feared clearance has come after weeks of anticipation and is the largest operation we have seen in the area in over a year.

People were hastily woken and removed from their tents, before being escorted in small groups to buses waiting in the car park and around the perimeter.

As always, the destinations of these buses are unknown, and for many who have never been through an eviction it can be a traumatic and confusing experience.

With the operation still continuing now, it is hard to foresee what the coming days will bring. We will, however, alongside our fellow organisations, continue to be present and support any people who remain or return to the area.

Share and help raise awareness of what is going on here, just outside our borders. 
These evictions are not the solution and this movement of people is not about to end any time soon.

In Solidarity. In Defiance.

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