This is Hermon - Paris, France

Guest blog from Faces before Numbers

I met him earlier this year in the Canal St Denis camp, Paris.

Hermon was one of the kindest and softest guys of the camp. He always had tired innocent eyes but a beautiful smile on his face and crazy hair.

He would walk with music playing & take care of all the babies & most vulnerable people of the camp.

When the camp was evacuated, Hermon was put in one of the temporary places before being transferred to a little town in France, a couple of hours from Paris.

Earlier this week, his body was found in the town's canal, with marks of severe beatings and torture on his body. Authorities are investigating but the murder lead looks most likely.

We have no information as to who did this to him and how everything happened at the moment.

There are no words to describe how tragic and heartbreaking this is.

Hermon had fled the dictatorship & tortures of Eritrea to seek peace & safety in Europe.

He left his home & family, went through the most perilous journey & the most difficult times to reach a place where his rights would be respected and where he could live freely.

To think that he did all this to save his life only to lose it in the most unfair way is devastating.

To think of his family, so far and & who must be completely broken is unbearable.

Every single death is tragic but to think that he had finally reached the end of his journey & was so close to be where he wanted to be breaks my heart.

My feed is covered with Hermon's pictures today posted by his friends and it just shows how loved he was and how missed he will be.

Rest in peace Hermon angel πŸŒŸ Hoping with all my heart you're finally in a safe & peaceful place πŸ’›