Mawda, never forgotten

Guest blog from Refugee Women’s Centre

Today, we remember Mawda.

Two-year old Mawda, whose family we closely supported, shot by Belgian police during a car chase in the night of 16-17 May last year. We think of her parents and brother, who were treated deplorably by Belgian authorities in the aftermath of Mawda’s death. With the investigation not advancing, they are forced to continue, tirelessly, to demand justice.

We do not forget the horrifying, numbing circumstances of Mawda’s death.

We do not forget her bright face, and her family’s strength.

We do not forget the cruelty with which the police force denied that Mawda had been killed by a bullet when the police themselves had watched her whilst waiting for an ambulance.

We do not forget the love and resistance shown by Mawda’s community in the protests and gatherings spontaneously organised following her death.

We do not forget how today, one year later, there has still been no arrest or charge of the policeman who fired the shot. And how Mawda’s parents are forced to continue demanding justice whilst still facing their own, fresh, grief.

We will never forget the brutality of the xenophobic policies which lead to a policeman shooting on a car carrying men, women and children simply for exercising their right to freedom of movement.

Mawda, the community that surrounded you here in Dunkirk will always remember. We stand in mourning, anger and solidarity with your family.

"One year later, we do not forget and we do not forgive."