Our World Refugee Day 2019 Message


🌍 1 in every 108 people are displaced 🌎

People with power will tell you - loudly and aggressively - that migration is bad. That offering to resettle people is wrong. They’ll say migration threatens security and values.

But we say that it’s greed and power that’s driving the wars and persecution that displaces good people. Normal, everyday people refusing to join in the violence. They’re displaced because they HOPE to live in PEACE.

It’s greed and power that drives wars and persecution of innocent people. And it’s greed and power that drives our ‘leaders’ to lay us a trail of hate and mistrust against refugees and other migrants.

Since when did we respect greed and power?

So maybe this World Refugee Day we can remember the record number of people displaced around the world. Remember it was our families at a different time in history. Remember no human is illegal. Remember Refugees and pledge to help and support people who have become refugees the best you can. 

Kindness Is Golden