Three years of Donate4Refugees

Today is our 3rd Birthday!

In the last year together we have...

Clothed, fed, sheltered, educated, legally supported, translated for, provided phone credit, hygiene items, activities and much much more to touch the lives of thousands of people in need.

By giving grants and emergency funding to an incredible 150 aid projects - 95 in Greece, 47 in France, 5 in the Balkans and 3 here in the UK

Of these projects, 77 supported women's needs, 79 supported children's needs and 124 supported men's needs.

Through 82 projects for direct aid, 21 for indirect aid, and 57 for overheads, that is keeping doors open and wheels turning on critical distribution and help centres.

By being there for 31 of our inspirational grassroots' partners who are themselves on-the-ground bringing dignity, respect and much-needed aid to at least 40 different refugee camps, squats and homeless communities in Europe.

We are incredibly proud of everything we've achieved so far and are as passionate as ever about continuing for as long as people need our help. We can't thank you enough for putting your confidence and trust in us so far. Please stay on the journey with us.

With much love from us all at Team Donate4Refugees