Meet my new brother - Greece

I think this is so beautiful and so I’m sharing. it’s something I recognise from the people I’ve met over the years #NewFamily. Thank you for penning Mohammad K. Welcome to Europe 🧡🧡🧡 - Amber Bauer

Three years ago tonight I was put into a car with a bunch of strangers as we drove to the coast of Turkey, preparing to attempt to flee to Greece. I didn’t know then that those people in the car with me would soon become my dearest friends and brothers.

I was scared, and the water was terrifying and dark as we all tried to quietly get in the flimsy boat to make the journey to the opposite coast of Greece. We leave war, we leave terror, always risking your life to move ahead into the next scary unknown but always trying to keep going clinging to the hope of a future safety.

When you’re separated from everyone you love, you make families out of those around you. I didn’t know then that I was sitting next to someone who would become my brother, but from that night on Aeso and I have been on this journey together.

Our journey didn’t stop when we reached Greece and together we have struggled, celebrated, laughed, cried, shared everything, and done our best to help everyone around us as we wait for our next step in life. It’s a lot of waiting, and a lot of unknown, and a lot of unfair situations, but life is better with those you love - the friends who become family and who support you and try to keep you positive no matter what.

I don’t think it was luck, but a divine power that led us together. Love you, bro. Here’s to another year of freedom.
— Mohammad K