Meet Beatriz... Volunteer on Chios

Guest blog from our partners Action for Education

Meet Beatriz, volunteer on Chios since April 2019!

"Working on the island of Chios has been a challenge for me to confront the reality of the migration crisis from a concrete point of view. The lack of education, security and dignity of the teenagers, and how to provide these basic necessities, the conditions that these small organisations like Action for Education face aren't easy. However, the amazing team in which I have found myself has made everything much more enjoyable and fun and with a deep feeling of solidarity.

Working in the youth centre, 'Yugi', and in the high school, has offered me the opportunity to implement my values of solidarity and helping others, from the collective conscience of peace and cooperation between humans. It has also given me the opportunity to meet incredible people who have such different lives to me. The work that I've carried out here has been constant and sometimes exhausting, but it's worth it to feel human again in a world where the artificial becomes worth so much more.

I encourage anyone who wants to contribute on the road to peace and coexistence and self-improvement to volunteer with Action for Education

It's without doubt a unique and authentic project, that is worth experiencing."