Samos - Day 3

On-the-Ground in Samos
Day 3 (Monday)

There’s a brilliant buzz of activity in the Refugee 4 Refugees shop as the women come to collect their jumper packs, a new bra and underwear, and a sleeping bag for themselves and their kids. The mix of Refugee and international volunteers seems to work really well (it’s great to speak/help English, and also important to communicate effectively in French, Farsi, Arabic and more). Our R4R co-ordinator Anne is super-organised and everything’s running like clockwork.

There’s a lot of happy faces!


San and Mohammed welcome everyone and then they choose their new underwear helped by female volunteers.

The women were so happy to have new bra and underwear.


The tickets the women received the week before show the day, date and time to come for clothes this week. They wait patiently outside the shop for their turn and need to show us their police papers to receive the clothes. Sometimes it’s nice to help out the mums by holding the babies!