Samos - Day 6

On-the-Ground in Samos

Day 6 (Thursday)

Another busy day in the Refugee 4 Refugees shop. The brand new bras and knickers for the women, as well as the jumpers, scarf and sleeping bags of course, are so popular and so we opened the doors at 9am to a queue outside and lots of new registrations (registrating people as Anne calls it!). It’s great because it means word has spread in the Camp and the women really want what we’re giving out.

Volunteers Nekane (from Basque Country) and Deborah (from USA) wore solidarity hijabs for the morning too, ably dressed by lovely Rasha! They look fab don’t they?

Despite Anne having a catastrophic accident with her laminator (it looked fatal!) we had a successful day helping more than 150 happy customers once again. We closed the doors at 4pm to prep for Friday, buying more bras and knickers from the ‘chinese shop’, having Negia’s brilliant warehouse team bring the buggies and baby carriers down so we could get them ready for distribution on Friday.

We all thought the very white shop needed a little colour and so before heading home the shop hosted craft night as hearts and flowers (and chicken bird!) were drawn and stuck to the walls. Anne also stuck blank paper to the walls for kids to draw on tomorrow.... we might get some nice pictures!!!