Athens Chopping Firewood

Guest blog from Chacha Gundagir , independent volunteer, currently in Athens

A young boy of about 13 helped me cut firewood for the group tonight. He's from Syria and lives in this squat where conditions are pretty bad. I wonder what his life holds for him and i feel guilty for having an insulated space with all my own amenities to live in when he has so little. A friend, or so i thought, accused me of doing this for some sort of hero status recently... guess he's not who I thought he is. But i really do hope we all realize this isnt going away and we all have a roll to play in welcoming the victims of war to our safe little corner of the world.

So, im sorry if u send me invitations to groups you make and i dont reply... living in a squat with 200 + refugees i dont have much time for anything else. After hearing of a young man dying on Lesvos last night i wish i could do more. Sad thing is I know I could. But functioning alone and not part of a team is hard. I wish when chopping wood for those in this squat I was delivering wood to a whole camp of thousands, i wish when fixing up a classroom I was building a school, i hope that if i keep plodding on helping in small ways I will gather a group who can really change things for people.

Sleep well in your beds tonight... and be thankful, very thankful.