Line up for food - Sarajevo, Bosnia

Words from our partners at Collective Aid

Imagine having to line up with a few hundred other people for your food. It’s outside, in full view of cars and passers-by. Tensions are high, as you’ve all been sleeping outside for months or years. No access to the comforts of home. You’re grateful that people have cooked food for you, but it’s not food you’d cook at home. There’s not that favorite dish your dad used to make that could always help you through a rough day. You have to rely on others for something so essential to life.

People fleeing conflict and war face indignity after indignity. We try to bring as much kindness and care to the process as we can, but the fact we’re needed on the streets points to a fundamentally flawed system. Our team, and the AidBrigade team, put a lot of love into our food, but we would rather there be no need for us. 

The system is broken. Governments have failed their people, and others have created widespread humanitarian crises in countries not their own, and refused to take responsibility. 

To the refugees stuck on the streets of Sarajevo: we are here for you as long as you need us. We will keep cooking, and keep showing up. But we also acknowledge we will never be able to do enough. To those back home: welcome refugees. Into your countries, into your homes. It’s the least we can do.