Nobody to refer them - global

Guest blog from our partners Phone Credits for Refugees

This week I made the mistake of reading the comments section on an article about refugees rescued from a small boat in the English channel. I don't actually believe people are quite as malicious in real life as their online personas might sometimes suggest, but it's a good reminder that not everybody agrees with what we're trying to do.

My work life has always been based around social care. More specifically in jobs that involve identifying people's needs and making the appropriate referrals. What struck me when I first visited Calais was that the sorts of people I would ordinarily be referring for specialist equipment or care services were instead sleeping on wet landfill without a tent - and there was nobody to refer them to.

I've never met anybody who thinks it's controversial to supply a wheelchair to a disabled person, or to recommend home care for someone who is frail and elderly. But for some reason there is a great divide in opinion about offering support to certain groups.

A high end social care need that half the population don't even recognise as being a legitimate social care need is an extremely dangerous void for people to exist in. If you happen to be unfortunate enough to have to flee your country without the correct documentation and you end up legally stateless, you are going to need all the help you can get.

That's why you should donate today if you can, because there is nobody else apart from us. We can add some compassion and some hope into the void left by failed or absent systems, because if we can't do that then these people will have to go without those things too.

We can all do better than to leave things like this. Let's do that today.

Thank you for being here.