Food vile in Vial - Chios, Greece

Guest blog from Refugee Biriyani and Bananas

The food provided by the authorities is VILE in Vial Refugee Camp on the Greek island of Chios. Here once again the people have thrown away their bland, small, microwave style meals in protest. 

The people in camp receive two meals like this for lunch and dinner and in the morning they receive a carton of orange juice and a stale plastic-wrapped chocolate croissant. Every day the same.

The people always say to me ‘FOOD No GOOD,’ ‘FOOD NO GOOD!’ And so every aid mission I go on we provide mass food packs for thousands of people to last about a week. I have spent quite a lot of time with the people in camp from morning until night so I can personally vouch that what they receive is so poor.

People are given 90 Euros per month to survive on [a second adult in a family receives 70 Euros and each child 50 Euros] and some people don’t even have cash cards so buying their own food supplies is difficult. Cooking facilities are also hard although people often light fires and cook outside.

For these reasons alone your donations to buy food supplies is so so so IMPORTANT!