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Flatbread for Lavrio II Camp, Greece

Target £200

In a small, seemingly forgotten camp, 90 refugees from Syria, Iraq and Iran live in a perpetual state of need.  The simplicity of this campaign belies a a very important cause – by donating, you are giving refugees a nutritious meal and much more.

“Giving to this campaign will enable me to buy 600 bags of Arabic flat bread which will last 2 weeks.  It sounds simple, but bread is a staple of these refugees’ diet – and it also represents a tiny slice of their former lives. Thank you for your generosity.” Rando, founder of One Human Race

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Donate4Refugees is working with volunteers from One Human Race for this campaign.


Fire wood for Vial Camp, Chios

Target £500

Fire wood is a vital resource in refugee camps. Wood burning stoves provide heat, light and cooking fuel, and also a sense of community as people gather around the fire to spend time together.

“Fire is one of humanity’s most basic requirements. When wood is scarce, people in the camp are forced to try to source it themselves. But in winter wood is wet and difficult to light and the trees are slippery and dangerous. Sadly, they also encounter problems with the police and with local agitators who try to prevent them from getting wood safely.” Ruhi, volunteer in Chios.

Give today and help keep the 1,500 inhabitants of Vial Camp warm, dry and safe – DONATE.

Donate4Refugees is working with Refugee Biryani and Bananas on this campaign.