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Across northern France it’s cold and wet, and volunteers are being asked again and again for good footwear. £20 (+ Gift Aid) buys a new pair of waterproof walking boots. Make a difference. Donate.


Children on the move safety network

Target £3,000

Can you help support and protect unaccompanied refugee children who are moving through Europe and living outside of state protection?

“Children on the Move in Europe (COMIE) is a growing network of trusted grassroots services within Europe working together to  support and protect unaccompanied refugee children. Importantly, COMIE will enable information about the children to be shared between volunteer groups. In this way groups can proactively contact and support minors newly arriving into their area.”  – Karen, volunteer in Europe

Give today and help us protect children from inherent danger. There is no other project in Europe monitoring children as they move through the continent alone. Your donation could help us take immediate action. Donate.

Donate4Refugees is working with volunteers from the Hummingbird Project for this campaign.


Fresh food in Greece

Target £2,000

Can you help us provide fresh fruit and vegetables, bought from small, family-run local grocery stores, to the residents of three refugee camps in Greece?

We distribute essential food to the refugee families living in three camps in Greece. Our philosophy is aid with dignity and so we distribute through shop-like mini-markets and are proud to offer plenty choice – over 100 lines. Even so, fresh food remains ever popular. In LM Village fruit and vegetables account for 45% of total ‘sales’, whilst in Filippiada it’s 25%.” – Paul, volunteer in Greece

Right now, nearly 700 children and adult refugees in Greece need your help to have enough fresh food to eat and stay healthy. Give today and help us reach people in need. Your donation could help us take immediate action.

Donate4Refugees’ is working with volunteers from Refugee Support Greece for this campaign.


Critical winter supplies in Greece

Target £500

Critical winter supplies for refugees in Patras, Greece

Can you help refugees surviving in abandoned factories in the Port of Patras, south of Athens, Greece?

I will soon make my monthly visit to Patras where over 100 refugees are squatting in over-crowded derelict factories. This appeal will enable me to take them critical supplies this winter including 400 bags of bread, 1000 eggs, 200 pairs of underwear and 200 pairs of socks.” Rando, volunteer in Athens

Give today and help us take immediate action to help and protect incredibly vulnerable people.

Donate4Refugees is working with volunteers from One Human Race for this campaign.


Accommodation in Greece

Target £2,260

Can you help vulnerable refugees on the over-crowded island of Chios be accommodated in basic apartments over winter?

“Hundreds of people are homeless and sleeping in freezing mud outside Vial camp in Chios. We have sourced five apartments which have so far provided temporary shelter to 25 otherwise homeless refugees while they wait for their asylum decision. Please help us pay the rent for a further two months to make sure people have shelter through the harshest winter months.”” – Helena, volunteer in Chios

Right now, vulnerable refugees on Chios need your help. Give today and help us take immediate action to reach people in need.

Donate4Refugees’ is working with volunteers from The Hero Centre – Chios for this campaign.