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Small Charity Week


Monday 17th June

Small Charity Week 2019 will kick off with I ♥ Small Charities Day on 17th June. This is a day to raise awareness of the work of all small charities across the UK. #ILoveSmallCharities

Tuesday 18th June

Expert advice is not always easy to come by when resources are stretched and this can be a particular problem for small charities.

Big Advice Day 2019 will involve a national London event, as well as various regional events across the country, where small and local charities and community groups access free expert 1:1 advice on a variety of topics.

Wednesday 19th June

Small charities are the centre of Civil Society. In the UK 97% of charities have an annual turnover of less than £1.5 million, but in terms of impact on local communities here and across the globe their contribution is phenomenal.

It is therefore important that the voices of small charities are heard above the noise created by larger and better resourced charities. To mark Policy Day 2019, events will be held in London and around the country to raise the profile of these organisations with policy makers and influencers.

Thursday 20th June

Fundraising Day is the perfect opportunity for small charities to engage with current and new supporters to get fundraising. 

Friday 21st June

Small charities around the country carry out vital work but in many cases people are not aware of their impact.

Through the FSI Small Charity Big Impact Awards, small charities and community groups can highlight their work and the impact they make on a local, national and international level.

Saturday 22nd June

Small Charity Week closes on the 22nd June with a day to celebrate small charities everywhere. Celebration Day is a great big thank you to small charities for all the effort you put in to make the world a better place.

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