Petition for Justice

Add your name to these Petitions for Justice and make your voice be heard #TogetherForRefugees.

inquiry into hate crime uk Schools


Join Dr Shameela Islam-Zulviqar in petitioning the UK Prime Minister to demand a public independent inquiry in rising hate crime and bullying in UK schools.


legal residency for hossein in uk


Join Laura Kayes in petitioning the Home Office to grant teenager and student, Hossein, lawful residency in the UK.


asylum for children in EU

Join Grigorij Richters in petitioning EU Heads of State to give innocent children asylum seekers a fair chance at a new life.

asylum seekers right to work UK

Join Refugee Action in petitioning the UK Government to lift the ban on asylum seekers being allowed to work.

grant hero a UK visa

Join Fiyaz Mughal in petitioning the UK Government to allow Afghan interpreter for the British armed forces, Mohammed Nabi Wardak (30), currently homeless in Athens, relocation to the UK.


Petitions now Closed

free humanitarians in lesvos

protect children

Join Free Humanitarians in petitioning the Greek Authorities to immediately release humanitarians Sarah Mardini, Seán Binder and Athanasios (Nassos) Karakitsos from prison.

Join Safe Passage and Lord Alf Dubs in calling on Theresa May to grant 10,000 at-risk child refugees from Europe and the regions protection in Britain over the next 10 years. Just as our grandparents gave children like Lord Dubs protection 80 years ago.


Join Freedom from Torture in writing to your MP about addressing serious failings in asylum accommodation contracts. On October 10th the Government will sign contracts determining asylum accommodation for the next 10 years.