We’re working together to fill the gaps in critical humanitarian aid to society’s most vulnerable men, women and children in Europe. Read on for some of the inspiring work your donations make happen. We can’t do it without your help.

2019 - Where your money’s gone (so far)


north serbia squats

The groups working in the north of Serbia are in desperate need of shoes.” Partnering with Collective Aid we’ve provided 433 pairs of much-needed new winter boots and shoes with at least a hundred pairs to be sent to each of Subotica and Sid.


Lesvos - the children of moria

Partnering with Refugee 4 Refugees, we’ve paid 12 months’ rent for land adjacent to Moria Refugee Camp that’s successfully providing a safe place for children’s education and activities. “There are more and more kids coming every day and they ask if we are coming back tomorrow.”


Athens - no cash cards

Partnering with One Human Race, we’ve helped to provide basic groceries and meet household needs for families and individuals either with no cash cards, or with extra needs not covered by their cash card allowance of just 90€ per month.


Athens - vocational training

Partnering with the ANKAA Project we’re funding materials for their jewelry-making course and construction and carpentry workshops, benefiting at least 40 asylum seeking and refugee students gain practical training over two months.

Greece - refugee Biryani & Bananas

Facebook fundraising through Donate4Refugees is a really effective way of raising money. And, in this instance, has raised £3000 to spend with wholesalers on new socks, boxers, jogging bottoms, hoodies and t-shirts, plus £500 towards the container shipping costs. Amazing!


france - project play

Your donations mean 70 refugee children, across four locations in northern France, will benefit from the imaginative play and activity sessions provided by the wonderful Project Play volunteers over the coming two months. This £600 grant covers fuel costs for 735 kms travel every week.


athens - forge for humanity

Your donations mean that dedicated volunteers Ale and Jess can continue helping asylum seekers and refugees in Athens with critical practical support needed to navigate complex asylum processes. This £2,225 grant will cover rent, bills, and provide a simple breakfast for those they help, for six months.


Chios - choose humanitY

We’re delighted to send £2,500 to the Asylum Seekers Information Services Team’ (ASsIST) on Chios to pay two full-time interpreters from within the refugee community. Their services will assist many others understand the process and prepare for the critical interview that will decide their future.


dunkirk - mobile refugee support

Thanks to a partnership between MRS, Donate4Refugees and Get Connected this generates a little over £2,000 each month for MRS helping to cover rental of their volunteer house and critical warehouse which enables Charlie, Jed and the team to provide essential help to homeless refugees every single day.


Samos - refugee 4 refugees

You brilliantly supported our emergency campaign for Samos, raising £6,000 to help volunteer Omar rent a warehouse and a vehicle and begin urgent clothes, hygiene and baby product distributions to the 4,200 people stuck in over-capacity Vathy Refugee Camp. These kids were SO happy with their new winter woollies!


Samos - Volunteers

Thanks to a brilliant donation of £2,000 from our friends at People Not Borders, volunteers from the refugee community in Athens, Thessaloniki and Lesvos could be quickly mobilised to help urgently in Samos. This donation paid for rental, basic furnishing and heaters, for the volunteer house.


france - refugee childrens’ centres

We support Refugee Childrens’ Centres with a dedicated fundraising page. Most recently, your donations have enabled us to send £1,200 which will be helping to fund the School Bus Project bringing much needed education and activities to the refugee children in Dunkirk and Calais.


athens - one human race

Thanks to one of our generous supporters, two families in Athens receive extra financial help each month at a given time. We’re happy to say two such families have been able to continue into Europe to start their new lives. And two more families are receiving the much-needed help.


Lesvos - moria refugee camp

We funded a month’s fuel for the minibus used by volunteers on Lesvos to collect and drop-off the families from Moria Refugee Camp and bring them to the warehouse “free shop” distribution centre. Here the families can choose some much-needed new clothes.


phone credits for refugees

We support the Phone Credits for Refugees group with a dedicated fundraising page. Each month we’re able to forward at least £1,000 of your donations to buy credit for refugees. This means vulnerable people accessing vital information and help, as well as contacting their loved ones.


dunkirk - homeless

Together with three regional UK refugee groups we give monthly support to Mobile refugee Support (MRS) to help ‘keep the wheels turning’ on their critical services for refugees. Together we’re covering unavoidable expenses like toll roads, fuel, and van maintenance.

Paris Refugee Ground Support PRGS

Paris - on the streets

Together with Side by Side for Refugees we give monthly support to Paris Refugee Ground Support (PRGS) to help ‘keep the wheels turning’ on their critical distributions of tents, blankets and much more, to refugees on Paris’ streets. Together covering unavoidable expenses like toll roads, fuel, and van maintenance.

Making a difference in 2018


Our on-the-ground partners during the year were:

and Some of the projects we made happen


Athens - CRIBS International

We funded rent and bills for shared apartments for refugee families with a pregnant woman, or a woman alone with a small baby, to have a place to call their own and a quiet space to recover from the recent birth, close to medical facilities


Calais - refugee info bus

In December we helped volunteer Sarah and the Refugee Info Bus team take part in The Big Give Christmas Challenge by pledging £500 towards doubling donations made. This funding means they can continue their legal education, advocacy and collaborative journalism together with people displaced in Europe.


chios - action for education

We funded a month’s ingredients and supplies at this volunteer kitchen feeding 125 participating camp children who cook and practice skills, and receive a hot, nutritious meal twice a week. “At the Youth Centre we sat around the table for lunch with 11 nationalities represented where food and community were our common language.”


samos - samos volunteers

We funded the rent for the Samos Volunteers’ laundry station helping 1500 people thoroughly wash their clothes. It’s considered one of the most important projects since there are no other laundry facilities despite bacteria, bed bugs, scabies and lice being prevalent in camp.


chios - refugee biryani and bananas

We helped towards a critical food distribution to the 2000 residents of Vial Refugee Camp in Chios. Food is always one of the most wanted items in camp because the food supplied by the authorities is poor and people can’t afford to buy their own.


Athens - FORGE for Humanity

We helped volunteers Ale and Jess ‘keep the doors’ open’ on their Athens office by funding two months’ rent and bills so they can continue providing vital support, including one-on-one counselling and assistance, to men navigating complex asylum and family reunification processes.


bosnia - collective aid

Thanks to a large corporate donation, from Coupa Software, and being their partner charity at a major London Conference, we bought, packed and shipped 1,000 thermal snug packs for our grassroots partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina for immediate distribution to homeless refugees.


athens - ankaa project

We helped grassroots training centre, the ANKAA Project, install and equip a working space to train up to 20 refugees per month in barista, bar-tending, customer service, stock control and front-of-house management to get them work-ready in the Greek hospitality industry.


chios - choose humanity

We funded six months’ office space for volunteer lawyers in Chios to hold confidential interviews, with up to 50 refugee clients per month. Clients need help understanding and navigating the complicated processes preparing for a first or second asylum interview.


Paris - Paris Refugee Ground Support

We helped provide thermal snug packs comprising long johns, a t-shirt, gloves, socks, snood and hat, for volunteers Heather and Kelvin to distribute to homeless refugees surviving freezing conditions on the Paris streets.


lesvos - refugee4refugees

We helped grassroots volunteers in Lesvos save over 1.000€ per month on minivan hire by buying a minivan which they use to transport up to 150 refugees a day from Moria Refugee Camp to their clothes distribution centre.


lesvos - refugee4refugees

We funded six months rent for volunteers in Lesvos to open a much-needed new clothes distribution warehouse for the people of Moria Camp. As winter approached, this was the only distribution centre where the people could choose clothes for themselves with dignity like in a normal shop.


calais - rCK

We helped volunteers provide hot meals for refugees in Calais and Dunkirk.

“Big thanks to Donate4Refugees for the grant which was promptly spent on vegetables used to make nourishing, delicious meals a few days later." - Cecelia, Volunteer


bosnia - house of all

We helped cover the cost of emergency medical bills and food costs at House of All, a shelter for families with infants/small children, single parents, elderly, and severely ill people, sheltering 75 - 100 people at any one time.

2018-08-21_Legal Centre Lesvos_running-costs.jpeg

lesvos - legal centre

We helped volunteer lawyers in Lesvos continue their vital services protecting legal rights and fighting injustices for refugee and asylum seekers by helping with running costs like printing, refugee travel and court fees.


Athens - one human race

We funded flip-flops, t-shirts, sleeping bags and more for young Syrian-Kurdish men and boys. Left with nowhere else to go they were homeless and sleeping in a park when Rando met them and had to help.


Lesvos - Showers for Sisters

We funded six urgently needed washing machines for a new women and children-only shower facility near Moria Camp in Lesvos. The women are able to do their washing whilst they shower and in the evening the towels are washed ready for the next day.


lesvos - emergency

We sent emergency funds in response to hearing… “Fights in Moria Camp yesterday mean we are in an emergency situation. We need your help to provide water, food, emergency equipment, shelter and transportation to several thousand people.”


athens - one human race

We funded dates for Ramadan.

Much like the Christmas period, food plays a central part to all Muslims observing the fast, as the evening meal, Ifthar, is a much bigger occasion than the evening meal during the rest of the year and is very social.”


lesvos - refugee 4 refugees

We funded three month’s rent of a clothes distribution warehouse opposite Moria Refugee Camp where volunteers served hundreds of people every day, distributing donated clothes and toiletries fairly and introducing as much choice as was feesible.


lesvos - house of humanity

We paid for the rent at the House of Humanity in Lesvos. Here they distributed food, clothes and shoes to refugees brought over by mini bus from Moria Camp. The centre offered a calm escape from camp life as well as much-needed aid.

2018-02_rbb_chios_fire wood.jpg

chios - refugee biriyani & bananas

We funded firewood for the people of Vial Refugee Camp.

“Fire wood provides much-needed heat, light and the means to cook. And it also provides a sense of community and why you’ll always see small groups gathered around fires.”