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We are 100% funded by your generosity so please donate what you can. We help refugees by raising money for the essential needs of life: food, water, shelter, clothes, community and education. Every penny raised is spent on these vital and inspiring aid projects.


Urgent supplies for refugees in Chios, Greece

Target £2,000

We are trying to raise £2,000 for Refugee Biriyani and Bananas to urgent supplies for refugees in Chios, Greece. Would you make a donation to help us reach this goal?


I will be travelling to Chios in August working with on the ground organisations to help with boats coming in and in the camps providing emergency aid. More that 3000 people desperately need our help. I will be prioritising children and the most vulnerable and helping everyone who needs help otherwise. Aid will include emergency supplied of food, water, shelter, medical aid, clothes, shoes, infant nutrition and baby products.

Ruhi, Refugee Biriyani and Bananas


Food and clothes for child refugees in Italy

Target: £650

Food and clothes for child refugees in Italy

We are trying to raise £650 for the Ommonia Supper Club to provide food and clothes to 20 young refugees in Italy. Would you make a donation to help us reach this goal?


I’m living near Turin in Italy. There is a refugee camp not far from me with 15 unaccompanied lads – under the age of 18 – in the camp. I would like to provide these youngsters, along with a few of their friends (19 years old), a good meal twice a week. We can cook it together in my apartment and transport it in pots to the camp. Each meal for 20 people comprising chicken, vegetables and bread or rice, costs about €30 for each meal which also includes a couple of bottles of pepsi. Not so nutritious but hey, these are teenagers! They also need clothes. Just a t-shirt each, a pair of shoes and some underwear and socks would make them very happy. Thank you.”

Maggie, Ommonia Supper Club