Register - for UK Volunteers supporting Refugees in Europe

Donate4Refugees invites UK grassroots volunteer groups helping refugees in Europe to register here. We’re designed to be collaborative so everyone approved to register with Donate4Refugees benefits from joining our inspiring network. Such benefits include:

Requesting grants to help fund your humanitarian activities and projects.

Non-registered charities can partner with us benefiting from our charity status.

Using our website and social media to advertise your volunteering needs, events, items for sale, and more.

Sharing your on-the-ground updates as guest blogs and on our social media.

Joining our members closed Facebook Group where we can privately seek advice and guidance between ourselves.

Complete our Registration Form

Tick these statements to let us know that you meet the criteria for benefiting from Donate4Refugees' funding and membership. If you check "no" then please add an explanation at the end of the form.
1. Our only / main activity is supporting displaced people without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. *
2. We are a UK, or part-UK, group. *
A founder or co-founder is British and/or our charity is registered in the UK.
3. We help in the front-line of Europe's Refugee crisis. *
We include Greece, France, Spain, Italy, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, and others as situations change.
4. We depend on volunteers with few or no paid staff. *
5. We depend on donations and fundraising only. *
We do not receive regular or one-off funding from any government or international aid organisation.
6. We have a safe-guarding policy in place for working with vulnerable people.
To protect relationships between your volunteers and refugees and to protect vulnerable people, e.g. rules for photography.
Section 2 : ABOUT YOU
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Your Name
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If yes, please send it to us at info@donate4refugees.org.uk
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