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At Donate4Refugees we raise money on an ongoing basis to pay for humanitarian aid helping refugees in Europe. We distribute our funds as grants of between £100 to £10,000 to our trusted, registered partners. That is small, effective and inspiring grassroots individuals and groups working at the front line of refugee aid in Europe.

If you represent such an organisation, and would like to join our beneficiaries, we invite you to complete the form below and click “submit”. The Donate4Refugees Trustees will be pleased to review your application to join our growing network #TogetherforHumanity.

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Tick these statements to let us know that you meet the criteria for benefiting from Donate4Refugees' funding. If you check "no" then please add an explanation at the end of the form.
1. Our only / main activity is supporting displaced people. *
2. We help in one or more of Europe's Refugee hot-spots. *
That is generally Greece, France, the Balkans, Italy, or here in the UK
3. We depend on volunteers with few or no paid staff. *
4. We depend on donations and fundraising only. *
We do not receive regular or one-off funding from any government or large aid organisation
5. We have a safe-guarding policy in place
To protect relationships between your volunteers and refugees and to protect vulnerable people, e.g. rules for photography.
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