What you say about Donate4Refugees 

You are true heroes
— Sayed, September 2019

Thank you for helping them, and for making it so easy for me to help just a little bit too.
— Laura, September 2019

You’re doing such a great job!
— Alina, September 2019

What you guys are doing is so important.
— Vanessa, September 2019

Thank you for helping our brothers and sisters in the camps.
— Ruhi, August 2019

For sure we want to thank Donate4Refugees for their trust and ongoing support in all our projects! You guys are really a true blessing!
— Refugee 4 Refugees, July 2019

Your newsletters are always an inspiration to me,
thank you for being such great role-models!
— Vanessa F, June 2019

You inspire me in so many ways I’ve lost count. I think you’re absolutely amazing and just such a wonderful human being. Thank you for everything you do for the world. You’re my inspiration.
— Denise T, June 2019

Brilliant charity with a very friendly team! They make the effort to visit the projects they support abroad to give them a helping hand and to understand more about the current situation on the ground.
— Jess N, June 2019

I’m just so humbled by what you do and how we as a society don’t know enough - myself included.
— Amy P, June 2019

I think it’s an amazing cause and am so impressed with your initiative, perseverance, courage and hard work.
— Athalie W, June 2019

If everyone showed your compassion your drive and your sacrifice the world be such a better place. Thank you
— Alan S, May 2019

Thank you for everything you do
— Pratik D, May 2019

You are a star in the most important meaning of the word. You shine and lead.
— Sue H, May 2019

You are one of the most inspirational women I know. Just wow.
— Alice F, May 2019

You are an inspiration to us all. I tell all of my friends about you and we are in awe of what you do. Keep going!
— Eyeedul H, May 2019

Amber , you and the team go from strength to strength. Your energy, commitment and focus is making a difference. Thank you 🙏
— Liz M, May 2019

You are an inspirational individual
— Richard A, May 2019

You are amazing!
— Anna M, May 2019

Video (60 secs) live in London, 7 May 2019

“Amber has got the most energy I have ever encountered in any person. I hope this tune reflects the energy and drive of this wonderful woman.”
— Trish Clowes, Jazz Saxophonist

You should definitely feel proud, we’ve watched you throw heart and soul into a massive humanity challenge and do (more than) your bit to ease the pain for so many.
— David P, May 2019

We wish you well for the great job. Keep it up!
— Gloria H, May 2019

Fantastic work Amber, hats off to you and everyone at Donate4Refugees.
— Work for Good Limited, May 2019

I am in genuine awe of the selfless work you do for others. It’s amazing the impact you are having on so many lives. The world needs more people like you.
— Scott B, May 2019

Your organisation does excellent work helping desperate people in real need.
— Badar K, May 2019

Go you for the support you give to great organisations!
— Eny O, May 2019

Quite simply, Amber and the Donate4Refugees’ team are 100% dedicated to what they do. They are a VITAL link for us. They are our eyes and hearts on the ground to ensure that when we send out aid we know it’s going to teams that can efficiently get it to those that need it.
— Sue L, April 2019

Love what you do
— Ingrid V, April 2019

Continuously inspiring and touching Amber.
— John C, April 2019

I think that Amber is extraordinary... an angel in fact! x
— Carolyn R, April 2019

Amazing work
— Mark L, April 2019

May God bless you all. Thank you.
— Gloria H, April 2019

It’s good to be able to help. Thank you for making us aware of this very special charity.
— Louise S, March 2019

Was wonderful to support you, the charity and those that do so much. You are all so inspirational.
— Andy C, March 2019

I support the great work that the unique grassroots charity, Donate4Refugees, carries out on the ground in Europe. #TogetherForRefugees
— Tom Brake MP, March 2019

Great job Amber Bauer we all belong to human kind. Thanks for the great job you achieve and thanks for inspiration : Yes it is possible ! You all did it !
— Marie-Annabelle Q, March 2019

Beautiful words and beautiful people. Amazing work you are doing. There is so much beauty in humanity. Thank you for sharing this and for all that you are doing, it is wonderful.
— Lucy G, March 2019

What wonderful work you are doing. X
— Laura M, March 2019

We are proud to support Donate4Refugees, with the aim of helping to alleviate some of the hardships that refugees face in their lives.
— Barar & Associates, March 2019

What a super team!
— Claire C, March 2019

What wonderful work you are doing. X
— Laura M, February 2019

♥️ thanks for being here.
— Anne V, February 2019

Keep on telling their stories......we need to hear them.
— Elizabth K, February 2019

You are doing such tremendous work - respect!!
— Mary G, February 2019

💔 It’s so important for the world to remember that these are people like me and you who have been through the most inconceivably terrible hardships. I’m not sure I’d cope if it was me, but I’d want someone like you all to be there if it did 💔🌍
— Laura R, February 2019

Your story is so inspirational. Thank God for people like you.
— Madeline M, January 2019

Thank you so much for giving us your trust and for believing that our work is worth being supported. It is as important and fulfilling to see that other people appreciate what we do and think it is important for it to continue.
— Ale & Jess, January 2019

We at Bikes for Refugees - Scotland 🚴🏽‍♀️💞 love Amber Bauer and Donate4Refugees and everything that it has achieved. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
— Stephen M, January 2019

I am one of the team at Maslow’s Community Shop in Govan Glasgow. We give free clothes, toiletries and household goods to asylum seekers in Glasgow on a monthly basis. I am so.proud to be connected to all these amazing people from different groups who are fighting the system and changing the world by organising in communities.
— Carol G, January 2019

Your job is essential for so many projects, and we encourage everybody to collaborate with you as a font of stability for many small grassroots aiming to do their best on the ground.
— Forge for Humanity, December 2018

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support you have given us over this last year. We simply could not do what we do without you.
— Mobile Refugee Support, December 2018

Happy Christmas to all at Donate 4 Refugees. Thanks for all the good work you do.
— Ivan T, December 2018

Love this cause!
— JV, December 2018

Dedicated and relentless. Well done x
— Isis M, November 2018

Keep up the great work Amber!
— Sam S, November 2018

Refugees are having such a hard time. They’ve already suffered and still are. They need help and I hope that money can help a little.
— Chris & Julie, July 2018

Hi! I recently organised a music event. I wanted to donate all the profits towards refugee aid. My cousin recommended me this charity and i thought it looked great. Keep up the good work!
— SE, July 2018

Well done everyone. It was incredible to hear your stories at the event on Weds eve. I was in awe of you all and the work you are doing. It is without doubt making a difference to many peoples lives.
— Sophie R, June 2018

You’re doing such amazing work, keep it up! Sending all my love.
— Gillian S, April 2018

in support of all you good people making a difference
— Freya K, April 2018

It is time for a super huge enormous biggest ever THANK YOU 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️ for Donate4Refugees and particular to Amber Bauer. SHOUKRAN THANK YOU EFKARISTO POLI SHOUKRIA.
— One Human Race, February 2018

Hello Amber & Team....hope this helps a little bit, and perhaps goes towards bringing some happiness into someone’s life. Your love of other human beings is very heartwarming in this, at present, sad old world.
— Jeremy D, January 2018

Thank you for getting these boots to people who need them. Am donating instead of buying a Xmas present for a family member.
— Jane H, December 2017

Thank you for your work and your ongoing care and compassion against the odds.
— Catharine W, December 2017

To all those doing so much....thank you.
— Fiona L, December 2017

Thank you for all you do!
— Beverley B, December 2017

This is an incredibly good cause !! It is ALL of our resposibility to help Refugees who are in desperate need. My heart goes out to all those in the cold this winter.
— Benedict R, December 2017

Happy to support a positive cause and make a difference
— Nicola G, December 2017

Thank you for the work you are doing. I hope this helps
— Joanna F, November 2017

Thanks for the opportunity to help
— Jo P, October 2017

We are especially appreciative of the independence Donate4Refugees entrust in the decision making of those they support. This has allowed us the flexibility to decide who we accommodate in the apartment we rent on Chios based on our knowledge and experience of the situation on the ground. Your unique approach has meant we had the opportunity to house vulnerable individuals whose needs often go unnoticed. In fact, the shelter has been given the slightly bittersweet nickname of ‘beit el marfoudeyn’ by its residents. That’s Arabic for ‘home of the rejected ones’.
— Niamh T, October 2017

Best of wishes this goal is reached soonest, and thank you for your continuous hard work.
— Sarah F, October 2017

This is heartbreaking. Thank you for helping refugees.
— Emma B, October 2017

So proud to have completed my 50 miles in the Lake District, whilst raising money for Donate4Refugees. You popped into my head about 2am when I had been running for 14.5 hours and it was dark an cold and raining. The cause spurred me on!
— Alison C, August 2017

Whoop whoop, hip hop hooray, yay, yay and thrice yay. So many words, but I still don’t have enough to say all the thank yous and send you all the love that you deserve for helping us all keep going. Donate4Refugees you rock it xx
— Nicky H, August 2017

Amber ❤️❤️❤️❤️ amazing
— Rando W, August 2017

The sample we did on the islands was only possible with the help of our friends at Donate4Refugees. Thank you so much Amber Bauer and team.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
— Sharon S, August 2017

Truly wonderful work. Thank you so much. You make it so much easier for those of us who you help. X
— Maggie M, August 2017

Donate4Refugees have supported us all the way - just a few months ago, they funded backpacks full of dignity (pants/socks/sweatshirt), and in the colder weather, bivvy bags/ sleeping bags etc - thank you for your support- it makes a real difference to so many of our friends !
— Side by Side for Refugees, August 2017

What a contribution in just 10 months of running. A massive congrats to you Amber Bauer and the team and mad respect for putting their heart and huge efforts into projects to make a difference. I’m deeply humbled that @Hello My Friend is a part of such an incredible network.
— Vanessa Marjoribanks, August 2017

You are both a lifeline and an inspiration. Thank you and long may it continue ❤️❤️❤️
— Laila H, August 2017

These guys are awesome and have helped fund many many refugee projects I know. Run by the fabulous Amber Bauer and team, please consider donating or supporting if you can. Maybe give their page a like and keep an eye on what they’re doing!
— Becky Dell, August 2017

Donate4Refugees are an incredible organisation and Amber Bauer and her team continue to support so many and make a difference. Please support if you can.
— Neil Walker, August 2017

I am so thankful to Amber and the entire team of Donate4Refugees for having the faith in independent volunteers and grassroots campaigns and giving us grants to fulfill important projects to help refugees when other organisations wouldn’t due to lacking in charity status. Please support these guys and donate towards them because there is currently no other organisation like theirs. ❤️💜
— Ruhi Loren, July 2018

Amber and her team keep so many small charities afloat by providing crucial funding to needed projects. She works tirelessly and always seems able to help. In these testing times it’s a real relief to have an organisation such as hers around to help out. From myself and CalAid, huge thanks.
— Nicky Hammond, July 2017

Donate4Refugees is a truly great new concept supporting grassroots groups and individuals in an effective way, without the need for their logo being spread across every refugee camp in Europe or every volunteer wearing d4r logo’ed t-shirts, thus ensuring every penny is spent directly on refugees not on vast overheads.
— Rando Wagner, July 2017

Amber Bauer and her Donate4Refugees organisation have supported so many worthwhile programmes in such a short space of time. It is a pleasure for Chorleywood4Refugees to work with them and their other partners on projects / tasks that simply could not be completed without their financial assistance.
— Brian Donnelly, July 2017

Donate4Refugees is a very professionally run Charity. Amber just ‘gets it’, she goes out of her way to engage with, and visit as many situations as she can , in order to be able to portray the true picture of what is going on. Side by Side Refugees are extremely grateful for their support. Thank you.
— Liz Morgan, July 2017

I’d like to personally thank the team at Donate4Refugees for their ongoing commitment to supporting UK volunteer led initiatives that bring much needed aid and dignity to refugees within Europe. I’d also like to aknowledge their efforts to share relevant articles, updates and to endorse advocacy campaigns.

You are doing amazing work. Thank you to the team and all those who support them. 💙
— Vanessa Marjoribanks, July 2017

Well done you amazing lady! You are such an inspiration and I am proud to call you my friend. Xx
— Angie Inglis, June 2017

Amber - I salute you and the work you have already done and are doing. You are making the world a better place and I have never said that to anyone before. Well done and good luck.
— A Wright, June 2017