Volunteers are always needed

Committed and passionate people, with a few weeks or a few months to spare, are always welcome to join our partners’ volunteer teams. There are opportunities in the UK and across Europe with a variety of roles to suit everyone. Click on the individual image or the web address to find out more and to apply to volunteer.

Balkans - serbia and bosnia


collective aid


“We’re comprised of passionate and committed volunteers who stay with us anywhere from a few weeks to multiple months.”

France (northern)

Mobile refugee support (MRS)


“Mobile Refugee Support's work near Dnkirk depends entirely on the hard work, time and dedication of our ever-growing family of volunteers.”

project play


“Calling all fun-loving and compassionate human beings! If you, or anyone you know, can spare two months or more to come and play with children, contact us!”

refugee community kitchen (RCK)


“We are in constant need of volunteers. We can use your skills in the Calias kitchen for a few hours, a few days or even longer so please give whatever time you can spare.”

refugee women’s centre


“We’re run by a small core of co-ordinators and a team of vital long-term volunteers on the ground in Dunkirk. We work in an all-female team of 8-10 volunteers.”

Greece - mainland and islands

Action for education


“Our projects in Athens, Chios and Samos are led by energetic, dedicated and caring volunteers from around the world together bringing a wealth of experiences, skills and qualities.”

legal centre lesvos


“We are looking for lawyers, legally trained professionals and law graduates willing to assist our legal team in defending the rights of asylum seekers and refugees in Lesvos for a minimum 3 months.”

Refugee 4 refugees


“Join us as a volunteer on the Greek islands of Lesvos or Samos, or you can help remotely. We are always looking for volunteers with varied backgrounds for different roles within our organisation.”

refugee legal support


“Volunteers are an important and valued part of Refugee Legal Support whether they are volunteering in the UK or at our legal clinic in Athens.”

Samos volunteers


“Volunteering with us is an exciting and rewarding experience. We work in a highly challenging and demanding environment on the Greek island of Samos, where your time and energy have a real impact.”

united kingdom

refugee compassion


“We need volunteers to come with us to music festivals around the UK and help salvage camping equipment such as sleeping bags, roll mats and blankets for onward distribution to refugees in Calais, Europe and beyond!”