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ankaa project - athens, greece

ANKAA Project_Logo.png

Billie, Line, Sara and Marco founded the ANKAA Project in October 2017.

"We provide skills development, education and vocational training in catering, media, tailoring, barbershop, workshop, IT and languages, allowing our clients to plan for sustainable futures."

articulate - brighton, uk


Lady Sue Miller founded Articulate in April 1997. It's run from the UK by volunteer artists, educators and practitioners.

We run art projects working with children and young people who've had a difficult start in life and who continue to face tough challenges. We help them be creatively vocal, providing them a positive environment where they are free to explore, express themselves and enjoy themselves."

bikes for refugees (scotland) - edinburgh, uk

Bikes for Refugees Scotland_logo.jpg

Friends Steven, Ann and Eilidh founded Bikes for Refugees (Scotland) in January 2016.

"Bikes can, and do, change lives. Ours is a volunteer-led project. By providing donated bikes free to refugees and asylum seekers in Scotland we help people explore their new surroundings and connect with local services."

blue door project - lesvos, greece

Blue Door Project_logo.jpg

Leah and Obada founded The Blue Door Project in winter 2015.

"The Blue Door Project, or Al Bab al Azrak, is a collective of volunteers from the UK, Syria and South Eastern Europe, committed to improving the well-being of refugees and displaced people regardless of age, gender, sexuality, nationality, ethnicity or religious orientation."

collective aid - balkans

Collective Aid [formerly BelgrAid].jpg

Svenn and Silvia founded what started as BelgrAid in March 2017. In September 2018 Collective Aid was born as the remit moved beyond Belgrade to the wider Balkans Region.

We provide our own aid, predominantly hot food and clothing distributions. And we offer a hub for other grassroots organisations supporting refugees in Serbia."

CRibs international - athens, greece

cribs international_logo.jpg

Sally founded Cribs in May 2016

We are a small but expanding UK registered charity providing simple but safe homes in Greece for refugee women and their families who are pregnant or have a baby under one year.

emergency legal aid - Chios, Greece

Emergency Legal Aid (ELA) - Chios_logo.jpg

Mary founded Emergency Legal Aid - Chios in January 2017.

"ELA is the only initiative on Chios Island that offers free legal aid to those for whom the system has failed. To date all ELA clients have been men – single or unaccompanied by their families – who remain at the end of the asylum seeker ‘queue’. Due process is the right of every applicant for asylum."

Help4refugee children

Help 4 Refugee Children_logo.jpg

Friends Isis and Daniela founded Help4Refugee Children in November 2015.

After several visits to the Calais and Dunkirk refugee camps we became extremely concerned about the conditions in which children and families were living. We have been working to help families in France and the UK ever since.”

hopetowns - london, uk


Samer founded HopeTowns in May 2016.

"I am a refugee from Sudan. When I arrived in the UK from the Calais Jungle I started my support group Hopetowns. Every Sunday we receive many asylum seekers and refugees who come to our space near Kilburn to receive English and IT classes, as well as legal guidance and friendship."

House of All - Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

House of All.jpg

Stijn, Tim and Sied founded House of All in March 2018.

We run a shelter and activity centre for refugee families, single mothers and other especially vulnerable people fleeing a volatile environment. We provide meals, medical and legal assistance, and other aid. Every day we put on activities and do as much as we can to promote normalcy and stability in their lives. As a safe house we must stay private and the location secret.

hummingbird project - brighton, uk

Hummingbird Project_logo 2.png

Elaine founded The Hummingbird Project in June 2015.

"We provide aid and solidarity with refugees in  Europe and across the world. We started as an art installation and have grown through the passion and dedication of an army of enthusiastic volunteers. We also use art practice to articulate the rights of refugees."

lesvos legal centre - lesvos, greece

Lesvos Legal Centre_logo.jpg

Carlos founded the Lesvos Legal Centre in August 2016.

"We are a team of volunteer lawyers and professionals from across Europe providing free-of-charge advice on legal matters to refugees on Lesvos, Greece. Lesvos is one of the main entry points to Europe and it's important we reach people early to help prevent tragedy."

maslow’s community shop - glasgow, UK

Maslow's Community Shop_Logo.jpg

Carol, Stephen and Janette founded Maslow's Community Shop in February 2017.

"We run a shop giving free clothes and household goods to refugees, asylum seekers and people in the local community who suffer hardship. We provide toiletries and underwear on first visits and give English classes weekly. We encourage asylum seekers to volunteer with us and they receive expenses, lunch and training."

mobile refugee support - dunkirk, france

Mobile Refugee Support_logo.jpg

Charlie and Jed founded Mobile Refugee Support (MRS) in July 2017.

"We provide mobile aid, consolidation and communication support to refugees and displaced peoples. We are based in North France attempting to target remote locations and areas that are often overlooked by governments and larger NGOs."

one human race - athens, greece

One Human Race 4_logo.jpg

Rando founded One Human Race in October 2015.

"Since March 2016 I've mainly been helping in and near Athens providing direct humanitarian aid. Over the course I’ve built up quite an effective social media network which allows me to connect refugees and volunteers with each other in most European countries."

paris refugee ground support - paris, france


Heather and Kelvin founded Paris Refugee Ground Support in October 2016.

"We are a small mobile distribution and coordination team. Our van is our essential tool that allows us to reach out to large numbers of displaced people that are left totally alone by the authorities to brave the Paris streets."

Phone credits for refugees - europe

Phone Credits Group.png

James founded The Phone Credits Facebook Group in February 2016.

"A team of wonderful volunteers and donors work together to provide direct and practical support to refugees in the form of phone credit. Having credit keeps vulnerable people safer, allows them access to important services and information and enables them to maintain vital contact with their families."

refucomm - greece


Sharon founded RefuComm in August 2015.

"There is no other organisation with as much material available in as many languages as RefuComm. We work with the UN, Greek Asylum Service and other key actors in the country to help get vital yet lacking information to refugees."

Refugee 4 refugees - Lesvos island, greece


Omar founded Refugee 4 Refugees in April 2017.

"Syrian refugee Omar returned to Greece to support other refugees after their desperate journey towards Europe. We are at the forefront of this humanitarian crisis, based in Lesvos, Greece where we offer humanitarian assistance and emergency support and provide several activities in and outside the refugee camps and informal settlements.”

refugee biriyani & bananas - chios, greece

Refugee Biryina and Bananas_logo2.png

Ruhi founded Refugee Biriyani & Bananas in January 2016.

"Formed by a group of friends who are committed to volunteering and supporting those in crisis and suffering. We simply have an inclusive attitude and work with many different organisations, groups and individuals to make things happen."

refugee children’s centres - europe

Refugee Children's Centres_logo2.jpg

Freya founded the Refugee Children's Centre at the former Dunkirk Grande-Synthe Camp in 2015

"We create positive, nurturing and reliable environments to help shield against the adverse experiences of displaced children’s unsettled lives. Since the destruction of the Dunkirk Children's Centre in the April 2017 fire, we are re-establishing our activities supporting children in Greece and further afield."

refugee community kitchen - calais, france

Refugee Community Kitchen logo.jpg

Paula, Janie, Steve and Sam founded Refugee Community Kitchen (RCK) in November 2015

"At RCK we serve hot, nourishing food with dignity and respect to people in need in the UK and abroad. RCK has spent the last two years supporting displaced people in northern France where we've served meals every day, rain or shine."

refugee info bus - calais, france

Refugee Info Bus_logo.png

Sarah founded the Refugee Info Bus in March 2016.

"We use technology to carry out legal education, advocacy and collaborative journalism together with refugees who have been displaced in Europe. We operate on mainland Greece, on Chios and in Calais, France."

refugee language initiative - eUROPE

Refugee Language Initiative_logo.png

Alison founded The Refugee Language Initiative in August 2016.

"We provide certified language teachers to camps and aid organisations working with refugees and IDPs (internally displaced people) throughout Europe and the Middle East."

Refugee Support Europe - GREECE

Refugee Support Greece_logo.jpg

John and Paul founded Refugee Support Greece in April 2016.

"In April 2016 we started operations in Camp Alexandreia in Greece. Today we support at Camp Filippiada. We try to make life a little better for everyone living on the camps through free food, clothes and shoe shops whilst also supporting the local Greek economy. Human dignity is at the heart of our activities."

Refugee Women’s Centre - Dunkirk/Calais

Refugee Womens Centre_logo2.jpg

Caroline founded the Refugee Women's Centre in October 2015

"The Refugee Women's Centre provides a safe space for vulnerable people who are refugees in Europe, especially women, and makes the link between them and other specialised organisations and support (e.g. medical and legal)."

Roots - Dunkirk, France


Thomas founded Roots in September 2017.

"We collect old and broken laptop and other batteries and recycle them into phone charging power banks for refugees at a fraction of the cost of buying new. We also lead on litter picking in the Dunkirk Grande Synthe Camp to prevent disease spreading, and to keep local people and wildlife happier."

Showers for sisters - Lesvos island, greece

Showers for Sisters.jpg

Volunteers Celestine and Sarah founded Showers for Sisters in August 2018.

"Showers for Sisters provides a safe, sanitary space where women and children living in Lesvos’s notorious Moria Refugee Camp can take a shower, do laundry, exercise, and find some respite."

Solidarithe - Paris, France

Solidarithe_logo 2.png

Florence founded Solidarithe in January 2017.

We serve tea and information to refugees in Paris because everyone has the right to hot drinks and informed decisions.

The Welcome Tent - Europe

The Welcome Tent_logo.jpg

Friends Emma, Sparky, Hannah, Mohammed, Abdulaziz, Alzubiar, Christine and Bazada, founded The Welcome Tent in January 2016.

"The Welcome Tent is an ex-army catering tent that was gifted to us and repurposed for peace. Now it's 2018 and "Recipes of Hope" have been cooked and shared across Europe. Emma and Sparky continue the journey collaborating with projects and people who 'welcome'."